Update on Boat Ramp Parking and use of the Lake for fishing and boating

Heritage Lake Association has been experiencing an ever-increasing problem with non-members using HLA amenities, especially the Lake and Beach area.  

Heritage Lake is private.  Use of HLA amenities is exclusively reserved for HLA Members in good-standing and their guests. Simply put: anyone else using HLA amenities is trespassing.  

Heritage Lake members pay for and maintain HLA amenities, exclusively.  This includes the expense for such items as: stocking fish; erosion and shoreline control; testing and assuring water safety; dredging excess silt; maintaining the beach and swimming area; mowing and trimming; maintaining the dam; the fishing docks; upkeep of the boat ramp; the boat ramp parking lot; and more.

HLA enforcement efforts include monitoring the Boat Ramp Parking Lot for vehicles WITHOUT a 2021 HLA vehicle sticker or GUEST PASS.  HLA Members can print a Guest Pass for their guests from:

The HLA Member must fill-in and complete the Guest Pass, including the date and the legible signature of the Member.  Per our Rules and Regulations, guests must be accompanied by a Member.  

Thus, HLA’s Enforcement Office may issue a warning, citation, or make a referral to the Tazewell County State’s Attorney’s Office for Trespassing for vehicles not bearing a valid HLA sticker or Guest Pass. 

Members in good standing may request their 2020 HLA vehicle sticker from the form on the HLA website or drop the request form in the Heritage Lake branch of First Security Bank’s night depository box.  The vehicle sticker will be promptly mailed to the HLA Member.

As a friendly reminder, HLA Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.  The HLA rules and regulations are available at:


Remember, use of gas motors will be strictly enforced and fines issued.  Also, fishing quotas are posted at the dock and on-line and will be enforced.

Also, as a reminder, all governmental rules apply to HLA.  The question of needing an Illinois fishing license has come up, and yes, we are required to have an Illinois fishing license.


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