General Annual Assessment:
February 1 Annual Assessment Invoiced & Statement mailed – $299.02 per lot
March 1 Annual Assessment Due
Covers March 1, 2024, to Feb 28, 2025
Past Due Accounts will be sent to collections if payment plan has not been arranged.  

Road Fund Assessment: $0.
Roads, Ditches, and Culverts are covered by a Special Service Area (SSA) that is billed by the county through property taxes on a per member basis.  The membership list is submitted to the county yearly and lists all members as of Dec 31.  The SSA levy in the property tax statement is for the same period as what’s stated on the property tax statement.

Lake Fund: Special Fund
September 1 Lake Fund Invoiced & Statement mailed – $80.35 per member
October 1 Lake Fund Due
Covers Oct 1, 2024, to Sept 30, 2025
Past Due Accounts will be sent to collections if payment plan has not been arranged.  

Payments can be made directly to our accounting firm: Donald Heinold, PO Box 209 Eureka, IL 61530.  Payments can also be made at the office during office hours or dropped in the First Security Bank’s drive thru night deposit box.  A monthly payment plan or an auto-withdrawal plan can be arranged by contacting the office.

Office Hours:
Monday – 8:00a – 2:00p
Wednesday – 10:30a – 6:30p
Thursday – 8:00a – 2:00p
Phone: 309-359-8012
Office Email: office@heritagelakeassociation.com

Members can pay all fees up-front as one lump sum or may “pay ahead” to create a credit balance. Statements will not be mailed if no outstanding balance is due. 

We take care in preparing the statements and verifying that one has been sent to each property owner. Once the statements leave the office, there is no way to verify that they reach their destination. Please take note of these due dates. Statements are sent 3-4 weeks prior to those dates. If you have not received a statement, please notify us. Non-receipt of a statement is not considered a valid excuse for not paying timely and late fees will still be added to your account. Put the dates on your calendar, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.