Fee Schedules


TYPE 1 rental / Member present & in charge $125.00

TYPE 2 rental / Member rental wedding receptions and large parties (100 or more guests) $250.00

Refundable security deposit required $50.00

$150.00 for two hours with two lifeguards

$50.00 refundable damage/security deposit

2022 POOL:
Everyone entering the pool area who is 4 years or older must pay a daily fee or be listed on a season pass.  All Heritage Lake Association fees must be paid current in order to use the pool.
Individual Daily Pass:  4 years or older –   $5.00 for Heritage Lake member
HLA member Season Passes: HLA member:  $85.00 per immediate family (residing in same household) up to five (5) family members then $5.00 for each additional immediate family member including babysitter.
Couple Season Pass – $60.00
Single Season Pass
– $35.00

Individual Senior Pass – $25.00
Season Pool Passes can be purchased at the HLA office during office hours. Lifeguards cannot sell Season Passes.  Daily passes can be purchased from the Lifeguards.


Cost for groups is $20.00 for the week or weekend. For individuals, camping fees for improved sites are $5.00 per night; unimproved/tent sites are $3.00 per night.


Traffic Citation Fees:
If paid within 30 days: $50.00
If paid within 31 to 60 days: $100.00
If paid after 60 days: $150.00

Buyer Transfer Fee $25.00 per lot
Road Weight Limit Violation $500.00


Chicken/Fowl Permit* $25.00 fee
New Construction Building Permit* (houses) no HLA fee
Environmental Impact Fee (houses) $2,000.00
Fence Permit*  no HLA fee
Outbuilding/Garage/Garden Shed* no HLA fee
Seasonal Pools (County regulations) no HLA fee
Permanent Pool*  no HLA fee
Deck* (no permits required) no HLA fee
Dock no HLA fee
Additions* (no HLA permit) no HLA fee
Driveways no HLA fee
Tree Removal no HLA fee
Tree Removal Fine (without permit) $100.00 (per live tree over 3” diam)
Beginning Construction without Permit $500.00
Continuing Construction without permit per day $500.00
Failure to Obtain any of the 3 inspections $500.00
Failure to Obtain an Accessory Permit $100.00
Failure to finish project within 6 months $100.00
Failure to finish project, every successive 6 months $500.00
Failure to remedy unapproved structure $100.00 per day

* Indicated that Tazewell County permits are also required.