Summertime Reminders

As we are beginning to have nice weather and members are out and about, we would like to offer some reminders of the rules and regulations of Heritage Lake:

GOLF CARTS/ATV’s: All golf carts/atv’s are to be registered with the HL office. Security will be checking on registrations.

Cart Operating and Rules

  • All drivers must have valid driver’s license and be 18 years of age or older.
  • Carts shall be operated on the extreme right side of the roadway and travel with the flow of traffic.
  • Carts shall be operated in a single file with headlights and taillights in operation at all times day or night. If a trailer is towed, it must have taillights, too.
  • Cart operators shall yield the right-of-way to all other vehicular traffic and pedestrians.
  • Cart drivers must obey the posted traffic signs and regulations.
  • Carts shall have no more passengers than the vehicles are equipped to handle, no standing and riding, no sitting on coolers or other objects. Person must be sitting on the seats.
  • Carts must stay on roads and parking lots not on any grassy areas.
  • Carts must have slow moving vehicle signs displayed on back.
  • Carts are subject to all motor vehicle rules same as cars. DUI’s, open alcohol, drinking and driving, etc.
  • Carts must be inspected and registered at the office and display stickers on left and right front fenders at the cost of $25.00 per year.
  • Carts must have lot and unit numbers on them.
  • Cart operators must have driver license and proof of insurance on cart at all times like cars.
  • Cart headlights must be white or clear.
  • Cart taillights shall be red in color with brake activated lights.
  • Carts must be off roads by 9:00PM.

Boats are not to be parked on the road, this includes cul-de-sacs. They are to be parked on homeowners property.

SPEED LIMITS: Please obey all posted speed limit signs! Citations will be issued if not followed.

  • Children are out playing, riding bikes on roadways, be mindful.
  • Adults are out walking, riding bikes, walking pets as well. Pay attention and don’t speed.

STICKERS FOR VEHICLES: They are available for members at the HL office.

  • If a member has a guest visiting, the member is to be with their guest at all amenties. This includes the beach, on the lake, fishing or swimming, the pool.
  • Security will be checking vehicles for stickers in the parking lots.

MOWING: As listed in the CCE&R’s of Heritage Lake:

    1. Maintenance of Lots and Improvements: The owner of each lot in the Development shall at all times maintain said lot and any improvements situated thereon in such a manner so as to prevent said lot or improvements from becoming unsightly; and specifically, such owner shall:
      1. Mow said lot at such times as may be reasonably required in order to prevent the unsightly growth of vegetation and noxious weeds thereon
      2. Remove all debris or rubbish from said lot.
    • Prevent the existence of any other condition that reasonably tends to detract from or diminish the aesthetic appearance of said lot.
    1. Cut down and remove dead trees from said lot when they become a safety hazard.
    2. Where applicable, prevent debris or foreign material from entering Heritage Lake; or
    3. When such debris or foreign material has entered Heritage Lake from said lot, to remove the same immediately.
    • Keep the exterior of all improvements constructed on said lot in such a state of repair or maintenance so as to avoid their becoming unsightly.
    • Association’s Right to Perform Maintenance: In the event that the owner of any lot in the Development shall fail to maintain said lot or any improvements situated thereon in accordance with the provisions of these restrictions, and any By-laws of the Heritage Lake Association (as is hereinafter described), which from time to time may be in effect, and which may be relevant to these restrictions said Association shall have the right, by and through its agents or employees or contractors to enter upon said lot and repair, mow, clean or perform such other acts as may be reasonably necessary to make such lot and the improvements situated thereon, (if any) conform to the requirements of these restrictions. The cost, therefore, to the Association shall be added to and become a part of the annual charge to which said lot is subject, and may be collected in any manner in which such annual charge may be collected. Neither the Association nor any of its agents, employees, or contractor shall be liable for any damage, which may result from any maintenance work performed hereunder.


  • Remove all standing water also. This attracts mosquitos that can carry viruses.

For more detail on these reminders, the Rules and Regulations and CCE&R’s are listed on this webpage under homepage tab “Adminstration/Association Documents”

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