Snow Removal Update – 02/01/14 5:30 pm

Maintenance crews are out now putting down cinders to help with traction in known slick spots.  Plows will not be out again until more snow falls.

A couple of reminders as we prepare for more snow later in the week:

  • Although they do try their best, our plow drivers may drop snow at the top of your driveway or around your mailbox.  This is a part of having plows when there is significant snow on the ground.  Homeowners can help mitigate this by discarding removed snow from your driveway in your yard and not in the street.
  • Clearing out the area around your mailbox so the mail carrier can get to it is the homeowners responsibility.  If the carrier cannot get to your box, you may not receive any mail.

If you find there are spots within the Association that need attention, please e-mail the office ( or send us a message on the Facebook page.  These outlets are monitored even when the office is closed.

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