Road Improvement Presentation Now Available for Download

A summary of the presentation given by the Road improvement Committee at the informational Meetings and the answers to some of the questions that were asked are available for download here.

The slides that were presented are available here.

The tentative agenda is available here.

As a reminder to members, if you are unable to attend the meeting, you have several options for still being able to have your vote heard.

  • Do nothing, and your vote will not count for quorum or in any motion made.
  • Return your pink proxy form marked as abstained and your vote will count for quorum, but not for any vote.
  • Return your pink proxy form marked as voted by the board, and your vote will be cast according to a majority vote of the board.
  • Send your proxy with a neighbor who you trust to vote the way you would vote.  This can be accomplished by printing this document, filling it out, signing and dating it and sending it to the meeting with your neighbor.  Please do not use your pink proxy form to assign your vote to a neighbor.

If you have any questions or still need to turn in your pink proxy form, please contact

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