Reminder: Road Weight Limits are in effect

As a reminder to residents, the HLA Rules and Regulations, Part II, Section B reads:

B. Weight and Height Restrictions
1. No vehicle, trailer, or cargo may be driven upon any Subdivision roads exceeding a weight limit of 6 tons (12,000 lbs.) from the period of January 1 through April 15 unless given proper permission by the Subdivision Board.
2. A minimum fine of $500.00 (five hundred dollars) will be levied for road weight limit violations. All fees and costs associated with collection of fines will be applied against the property of the Heritage Lake Association member responsible for contracting the overweight vehicle.

There are several homeowner construction projects underway at Heritage Lake. Several large loads have been spotted on HLA roads in the past few days. The winter weight limits officially went into effect on Friday, January 1, 2016. Please obey these weight limits to help save our roads. If you notice a violation, please report it to the HLA board or the office.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Following these weight limits helps prevent damage to our roads at their most vulnerable time.

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