GOLF CARTS/ATVS,UTILITY VEHICLES: We received reports today of a 4X4 driving off the HLA roadways and onto the soccer field and other member’s properties. These vehicles are only to be driven on HLA roadways as stated in the policy below. Info on how to obtain a sticker is also posted .
I. Golf Cart, Utility Cart and ATVs Policy
A. Policy – To ensure the safe operation of golf carts, utility vehicles, and ATVs on HLA property.
1. All golf carts, utility vehicles and ATVs [hereinafter “carts”] operated on HLA property must be registered with the HLA Office.
2. HLA will provide a sticker for each registered cart. The sticker shall be displayed on the left front fender of the cart.
3. All cart drivers must have valid driver’s license.
4. Carts shall be operated with courtesy, care, and consideration for the safety of pedestrians and property.
5. Carts shall only be driven on established HLA roadways and parking areas.
6. Carts driven on HLA roadways must adhere to all Illinois traffic laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, speed limit, DUI, and distracted driving laws, such as the prohibited use of electronic devices. Carts must also adhere to the HLA rules and regulations concerning motor vehicles.
7. Carts shall yield the right-of-way to all other vehicular traffic and pedestrians.
8. Carts shall only be operated on HLA property during daylight hours – not earlier than one-half hour following sunrise and not later than one-half hour before sunset.
9. Headlights and taillights on carts are to be illuminated during operation.
B. Equipment
1. Carts shall be equipped with a rear-mounted slow-moving-vehicle orange triangle.
2. Carts shall be equipped with a rear-viewing mirror.
3. Carts shall have working headlights and taillights, which shall be used at all time.
4. Carts shall be equipped with an audible horn or other warning device.
5. Carts shall not be modified in any manner that affects the manufacturer’s recommended mode of operation, speed, or safety.
6. Carts shall have working headlights and taillights.
C. Citations/Violations
1. Failure to comply with the HLA Golf Cart, Utility Vehicle, and ATV Policy may [in addition to any other remedies available to the HLA] result in a warning, fine, and/or revocation of the HLA cart registration privileges. The fine assessment range is not less than $25 and not more than $100 per incident, depending on the egregiousness of the violation.
D. Accidents
1. Drivers involved in any accident must immediately report the incident to the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office. A copy of the police report will be submitted to the HLA office.
E. Insurance
1. Cart owners are responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by cart operation. HLA assumes no liability for accidents, misuse, theft, damage, injury, or any other occurrence or mishap arising from cart operation on HLA property.
2. The owner of any cart operated on HLA property must purchase a golf cart, utility vehicle, and/or ATV insurance policy covering the basic liability coverage recommended by the State of Illinois to cover vehicles traveling on public roadways.
The Cart registration form can be printed from the files section of  the Facebook group, on the website (see link below) or in the office. Stickers can be picked up in the office during office hours.

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