Pool Update – Pool Is Open!

Hello, I am Brian clark and me and my wife Angela Clark own Precision Home Renovations. We maintain the chemical balance of the pool. We were closed yesterday due to cloudy water from rains and power failure (storm related) to the pump and filters. If you have never owned a pool, keep in mind that while the pertinent chemicals are balance the water can cloud up for various reasons. Per health department, if you cannot see the main drain then you have to close. I will say that we opened up on June 1st and yesterday was the first day closed. With the help ofDeano’s Pool doing some maintenance on the filter system, D&L Pools for the proper chemicals, and Precision Home Renovations for adding chemicals and cleaning the pool we can open today! A 24 hour turnaround! From so cloudy you can’t see the bottom to seeing the entire floor! Enjoy!

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