October Volunteer Day – Saturday October 12th

Volunteer day is quickly approaching. This month it is off to the maintenance shed to tear down and rebuild an unsafe structure. We could spend money to bring out a crew or we can do it with the great people of Heritage Lake. If you haven’t volunteered yet, you’re due. If you have, then will we see you on Saturday because you know once you have worked side by side with a neighbor for the good of the neighborhood, you’ll be back. Bring hammers and other implements of destruction/construction. 8-10 Saturday the 12th!

Shawn Cassatt is the coordinator for our volunteer days.  Please e-mail him at scassatt@telstar-online.net if you will be attending.  Information about volunteer days can always be found on the Volunteer Days page of the website.

Next Volunteer Day: Saturday October 12th, 8-10 am.  Meet at the Maintenance Shed (end of Hawthorne Place) at 8 am.

Project for next Volunteer Day: The October Project is removing the existing lean-to at the maintenance shed and rebuilding it in a new, safer location. Some ditch work may also be done as time and manpower allows.

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