New Road Signs Installed

This morning over 25 volunteers come out to help finishing putting up the new high visibility road intersection signs and pull the old, hard to read, wooden signs.

We are aware of some misspelled signs as well as a few that we’re shorted from the order and will have new ones coming soon.  The volunteers will be going around over the next few weeks making appropriate adjustments to the signs and as soon as the corrected signs come in, replacing them.

We are aware of spelling errors on the signs for Roxbury and Thornton and a missing sign for Martinique.  If you are aware of any other errors, please let us know as soon as possible by commenting on the Facebook post or e-mailing the office.


Thank you to all the volunteers that have contributed several weekends of their free time in order to save the Association considerable money. The efforts of the volunteers saved us the association over of $20,000 in labor costs.  Through volunteer efforts like this we will be able to keep our assessments low and still continue to make improvements throughout the Association.


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