We frequently get complaints about people parking and using the boat ramp or parking down at the beach that don’t have HLA vehicle stickers displayed on them and everyone assumes they are not HLA members.

They may not be HLA members but the problem is that many of those are HLA members who still have not gone to the HLA office to get their stickers.  Some of our members think that this is an inconvenience or they say what’s the big deal about having to have stickers.   All our members, at least those in good standing, pay Association lot fees, lake fees, and are taxed for the road improvements so why do we want a lot of people who don’t pay anything to utilize our amenities.  The best way you can all help us control this is by getting that vehicle registration sticker so we know who really is a member and who doesn’t belong.

2022 Vehicle Registration Form

2022 Guest Pass Info & Form

Golf Cart, Utility Vehicle and ATV Registration

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