At the last monthly meeting, it was decided that we would move forward with testing longer lasting weed treatment plans in the two more shallow ends of the lake as well as the beach, but hold off on testing native aquatic plants, such as the white lily. The hope of this being to see what native plant life still remains that the Milfoil has been choking out which may now flourish. The goal of all of this is to have healthy, manageable plant life, that will keep our fish healthy, our water clean, yet still keep the lake accessible to boats with electric motors and swimming areas nice for families to enjoy as well! 
One such species that is believed to still be growing natively in the lake is Coontail. The article below provides some additional detail about Coontail. As we discover other plant species in Heritage Lake, we will try to keep everyone informed of these as well.
Thank you and we hope to see you at the Annual Meeting.

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