Members: Heritage Lake Association needs YOU!

As we look forward to 2017, Heritage Lake Association is in need of member volunteers to come forward and help in order to make this a great place to live.  Several committees have great plans for this year, but need bodies to make the plans happen.  Please see below for opportunities to volunteer with the association.  Contact Tara at the office ( or 309-359-8012) if you have an interest in one of these opportunities and she will put you in contact with the right person!

  • Finance Committee: Advises the board on all things financial.  Monitors spending and acts as a check and balance in the budgeting process.  No financial training necessary.
  • Social Committee: Plans regular social events for all members of the association (Easter egg hunt, Christmas party, Chili Cook-off, Pool party, etc.)  More events will be planned if more committee members can be found.
  • New Member Welcome Group: Existing members who visit with new neighbors and welcome them to the association.
  • Newsletter Team: Develop our approximatly every other month community newsletter for the association.
  • Road Committee: Plan and implement all things related to road repairs and improvements.  Budgets and allocates spending of the Road Fund.

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