It is just about sand volleyball time!

VolleyballThumbThe Volleyball League at Heritage Lake is open to all Heritage Lake members and their guests. Teams are formed in advance of league play but substitutes are often needed and are many times drawn from observers. Everyone is welcome to come to the Beach area on Wednesday evenings in the summer to watch league play and enjoy a night outside at the lake.

Questions about the Volleyball League can be directed to Sarah at

It is just about sand volleyball time!

The process and the rules are same as last year with a few slight changes (again). We are opening up Thursday nights as well, so when you register please let me know which night your team is registering for.  An individual cannot be recorded on 2 teams on the same night of play.  They may be recorded on 1 Wednesday night team and 1 Thursday night team.  However, they may only play on 1 team during tournament play.

The mid season tournament is scheduled for Sunday, July 7th and the end of the season tournament is scheduled for SaturdayAugust 24th. 

  • Complete this registration form & email it back to by Friday, May 10th 2013. Only teams that have their registration form in by May 10th will be scheduled to play. NO EXCEPTIONS THIS YEAR!
  • Return the signed Waver(s) and $80 team fees to Sarah Stalzer on the season start date. Make checks payable to Sarah Stalzer and not Heritage Lake…not kidding.
  • Season start date will be May 15th / May 16th. Some teams will not play on opening night if the league exceeds 12 teams.

If you are in need of two players, Chuck & Teri Steffen are looking for a team.  Please let me know if you would like for me to put you in touch with them.

If you are interested in playing & don’t have a team, please let me know & I’ll help find a team for you.

I look forward to seeing everyone in the sand!


2013 Volleyball Forms

Liability Waiver 2013
2013 Registration Form
Heritage Lake Volleyball Code of Conduct

Citizens of the greater Upper Beach area,
If you are fielding a volleyball team this year, open the attached Registration form and follow the instructions.The Upper Beach Volleyball Code of Conduct.doc is attached and is essential reading for those who wish to propagate a harmonious league atmosphere.The following folks were looking to join a team.  Please contact the individuals listed below if you wish to discuss having them as members to your team.

See you in the sand!
League Founder, Shaman, Mayor of the Upper Beach, Surveyor of Talent, Ball Herder & Commissioner of Volleyball Operations at the Upper Beach Jeffry Thomas Thoreau Juan Antonio Golden Eagle Escabar Night Train Jefferson Wilcox Mitchell

This is a paid service announcement by the PUBS (People of the Upper Beach Seceding)

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