Informational Meetings Scheduled

On the agenda for the annual meeting are a set of revisions to the Association Instruments; the Bylaws and CCE&Rs.  Two informational meetings have been scheduled to allow the members time to hear a presentation from the Rules and Regulations committee and have an opportunity to ask questions.

The informational meetings will be held at the following times
     Saturday March 15, 2014 10 am at the Lodge
     Monday March 17th, 2014, after the board meeting at the lodge (approximately 8 pm)

Additionally information will be presented at the annual meeting Saturday March 22, beginning at 9 am.  Members are encouraged to attend an informational meeting prior to the Annual Meeting if at all possible as discussion may be limited during the Annual Meeting.  

The proposed documents are available below.
     By-Laws Proposed
     CCE&Rs Proposed

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