Recently, we got to ride along and help the DNR shock the lake and get a better idea of what the fish population and health looks like in Heritage Lake. We had some major storms roll in just after we got down one side of the lake, having the most success back in some of the coves where we netted some large catfish and a 35-40″ Muskie that escaped from the net before we could get it in the boat. We also brought in plenty of large mouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, green sunfish, red eared sunfish, channel cats and a couple of smaller walleye. We discussed the possibility of adding trout to the lake, but we found out that even with having some deep water, they would still not survive our summers. I’ve included a few pics of the weighing and measuring as well:







We had to play it safe and get off the water early due to the lightning and high winds, so we only got down one side of the lake but should still be a good representation of our fish population. Both representatives from the DNR commented that our fish sampling was a good spread of size and species…with fish having healthy bodies on them.  There was one Blue Gill who had some water in his belly and his eyes a little bulged out.  The DNR indicated this is due to Nitrogen in his oxygen supply…. obviously not ideal but was only found in 1 fish out of our sampling. It is a good reminder to use low nitrogen fertilizer if you have to use it at all, and make sure to keep your septic systems in good working order, as both can cause issues like this as well as increases weed and algae growth in the lake.

This is also a good time to remind everyone of HLA rules and regulations when it comes to fishing:

  1. Trotline and jug fishing: Permitted in Heritage Lake for PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. All trotlines and jugs must have proper identification. (unit and lot numbers)
  2. Minnow fishing: Permitted in Heritage Lake. All minnows must be hooked in such a manner that if they become detached from the hook, they will die immediately. No minnow buckets that contain live bait shall be dumped into Heritage Lake.
  3. Site specific fishing regulations must be obeyed: a. Largemouth Bass– minimum of 16″ Maximum of 3 per day (rev.03/22/03) b. Channel Catfish – 10 fish daily, creel limit. c. Crappie – No minimum length limit. d. Walleye – 16″ minimum length limit and 3 fish daily creel limit. e. Northern Pike – 40″ minimum length limit and 1 fish daily creel limit. f. Tiger Muskie – 40″ minimum length limit and 1 fish daily creel limit.
  4. Members must accompany guests at all times.(adopted 11-12-94)
  5. Absolutely NO FISHING allowed in the beach area AT ANY TIME.Thank you all for doing your part to help keep Heritage Lake a great place to live!

HLA Conservation Committee


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