Heritage Lake roads were plowed earlier today, they are mostly clear, but all roads will have a thin layer of snow on them until temperatures increase.  Trap rock and cinders will be applied to road surfaces on Saturday in place of salt.  Road salt was applied last night, but it has been too cold for the salt to be effective.

There is another 1-2″ of snow expected on Saturday, this will be plowed likely once the storm is over, with trap rock and cinders added.  Salt will be applied Sunday afternoon into the evening (temperatures are forecast to increase) to try and melt the remaining snow on the roads with the warmer overnight temperatures.  The resulting slush will be plowed early Monday morning.

Use caution driving throughout the weekend and into next week.  The high temperatures are forecast to be in the single digits for most of the week.  This will likely result in a thin layer of snow or ice on road surfaces throughout the subdivision.  Unless the forecast changes, trap rock and cinders will be used throughout the coming week.

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