Heritage Lake Garden Club
March 17th @ the Beach Pavilion from 2:00-4:00 pm
Open and free to all members in good standing. 1 guest is allowed per member
Kelly is leading this monthly gathering for gardeners of all types, from mature to master. The initial focus will be to establish relationships and educate each other in gardening basics, tips and tricks.
Club will meet every 3rd Sunday of the month either at Pavilion or the Lodge (weather and availability dependent).
Kelly is looking for 1-2 volunteers to help facilitate the meetings.
Group Guidelines:
  1. Confidentiality- Please do not share anyone’s home address or personal information without permission.
  2. No Excess Controversial Talk- This is a garden club not a political or religious debate club.
  3. Participate- This club will not thrive if others don’t share their knowledge and wisdom. We each have different knowledge bases and specialties. Please be willing to help those around you who are trying to learn how to make their gardens more successful.
  4. The Golden Rule- We all know this one, treat others the way you want to be treated.

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