Halloween Events WILL BE HAPPENING October 31st

Trick or Treating and Shake Manor will happen as scheduled on Halloween Night.

Please use caution when walking or driving on wet roads.

This year Heritage Lake will be having Trick or Treating on October 31st, from 5pm-8pm.  Residents, please leave your porch lights on if you are accepting trick-or-treaters

The board has approved use of golf carts and other approved off-road vehicles for use after dark during trick-or-treat hours only.  Please remember off-road vehicles must have headlights, tail lights, a steering wheel, and reflective safety triangles.  If you have an off-road vehicle that you would like to have approved for use, please contact Director Buckowski (security-zoning@heritagelakeassociation.com) for an inspection and sticker.ShakeManorPoster

NEW this year, Heritage Lake will have its own family friendly Haunted House.  On October 26th (5-8 pm) and during trick-or-treat hours, com join us for a tour of Shake Manor at 16 Summit Drive (down at the end of the cul-de-sac).  Contact Secretary Shake (secretary@heritagelakeassociation.com) for more information.  Like to scare others more than be scared? Goblins & Ghouls are needed too!  Contact Secretary Shake for this as well.

Happy Haunting!

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