Dumpster Use and Abuse

As a reminder to members, the dumpsters at the Beach and Lodge are for trash from those locations only. Members may drop garbage from their beach events or a day on the boat at the beach dumpster if the cans are full, but general household trash and large project waste should not be placed in these dumpsters.

We have had several instances of abuse of these dumpsters recently, and are asking for members help in preventing this. If these dumpsters continue to be used for general household waste and large household items, they will have to be removed. Please contact the office if you have any information around the recent bulk dumping in these dumpsters.


Members can sign up for weekly garbage pickup by Contacting Neville Trucking at 309-392-2407. Neville charges very reasonable quarterly rates for curbside pickup every Wednesday, and will pickup most larger household waste with advance notice. Dumpsters are also available to members when road weight limits are not in effect, and with board approval when road weight limits are in effect (January 1 – April 15)

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