Cornbelt Electric and Tree Trimming at HLA

Corn Belt Electric will be performing needed trimming and clearing of vegetation and some trees along the north side of the HLA subdivision.  The points of reference for the included area are:  the beach house to 599 Heritage Drive and all side streets in between.

Corn Belt Electric has been working directly with the HLA Board to ensure proper communication and a cooperative, satisfying end result. This could also be a cost savings to HLA as we progress forward with our road project.

Below is a an excerpt from the letter sent to HLA by Corn Belt Electric:

” Our plans are to remove all vegetation that has the ability to grow into our lines to improve the safety and reliability of the electric power system supplied by Corn Belt Energy. The vegetation that will be removed is located under our lines and expanding to  the side a minimum of seven feet. Most if not all of the vegetation under the lines in the Heritage lake area is of volunteer nature. As we allow these areas to become more inundated with this vegetation it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the reliability and safety of our overhead power line system. We will allow the Autumn Olive to stay, if wanted, to give a natural vegetative look under our lines.  We are most concerned with the tree species that have been repeatedly cut to allow for clearance and continue to grow at accelerated rates due to the cutting. This will be of no cost to the home owners association and all chips of trees or fire wood are available.”

If you, as a resident, have any questions please contact Corn Belt Energy directly:

Mr. Daren Deverman, CUSP, Manager of Safety; (309) 664-9234

Thank you.






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