Bonfire Saturday October 24th – HELP NEEDED

Heritage Lake Association is asking for a few members to step forward and help out with this Saturday’s bonfire.  We are looking for one team to do the set-up and starting of the fire (5-7 pm), and an additional team to help with clean-up and making sure the fire is out (7-9 pm).  All the supplies will be at the beach for you, all you’ll need to do is be there.  Please contact if you can be of assistance.

The board and a small group of members are doing their best to organize family friendly social events for the entire membership, but can only do so much.  If you plan on coming out Saturday anyway, please consider helping.  If you would like to participate in the planning and execution of social events like this in the future, the social committee is looking for more members.  Please contact us at the e-mail address above.

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