2015 HLA Road Work Update

The road committee was busy in 2015, see the updates below.  Pictures of all the work done in 2015 can be viewed here.

Culvert Repair/Replacement

  • Heritage Dr @ Old Sandy Beach middle culvert ($1,776.25) – Inlet cleared from debris and dirt in the spring. As of Oct 2015, inlet was covered again, road committee is exploring more permanent options to keep inlet open. Outlet was also cleared from the road to the lake, as of Oct 2015, the outlet is still clear.
  • Westminster ($1,176.25) – This is the large culvert at the low spot in road. Inlet was blocked by debris and dirt, it was cleared in the spring. More work will be needed in this culvert to ensure long term reliability. As of Oct 2015, inlet was still clear and flowing.
  • Bradford and Heritage Dr ($3,249.00) – complete replacement before Bradford reconstruction.
  • Thornton / Greenbriar ($4,300.00) – culvert buried at one end. Requires cleaning at south end and potential re-route in the future during road reconstruction. Note, the $4300 total includes the Bradford and Hawthorne ditch repairs listed below.

Temporary Repairs
Heritage Drive, Bradford Drive, and Westminster Drive ($52,559.29) This expense was paid out of the general fund, not the road fund.

Road Reconstruction
Bradford Drive ($196,417.22) Bradford Drive was completely reconstructed from Fast Ave. to Heritage Dr. The process involved 9” full depth reclamation, compacting, adding a dry concrete base, then 2.25” binder course and 1.5” surface course asphalt. The road now has a 2% slope and is 3-4” higher than the previous road allowing for better drainage.

Spray Patch
Several sections of Heritage Dr., Kenton St., Brandy Dr., and other roads that were rated good by the engineering firm, were spray patched in preparation for sealcoat work in 2016. Our current budget will only allow for approximately 1 mile of A-1 seal coat in 2016. Total coverage: 431 sq yards in Sept, 833 sq yards in Oct. This work has not been invoiced yet, but the cost is approximately $9900.

Ditch Work

  • King Richard Drive ($11,854.93)
  • Hawthorne ($4,300) Note, the $4300 total includes the Bradford ditch and Thornton / Greenbriar culvert repairs.
  • Bradford ($4,300) Note, the $4300 total includes the Hawthorne ditch and Thornton / Greenbriar culvert repairs.
  • Wilshire Wood and Essex – Brush and debris covering the road was cleared by the HLA maintenance crew.

$8,439 was spent in 2015 maintaining existing roads. This figure includes cold patch and general road and roadway maintenance. This work was primarily performed by the HLA maintenance crew.

Upcoming Work and Information

  • Anticipating $65k to $70k carryover from 2015 to 2016
  • Planning A-1 seal coat work for 2016
  • Planning ditch work for 2016
  • Planning culvert cleaning/replacement/lining for 2016 plus permanent solutions to keep inlets open.

2016 Road Committee Budget

Pot Hole Repairs

Pothole Repair Request form (pdf)

The Association needs the assistance of the members to find potholes that are in need of repair. Please complete the Pothole Repair Request form below and return it to the office to request pothole repairs. Please be as specific as possible when describing the location of the pothole (What road, near what house number, which side or the street, etc). Every effort will be made to repair potholes as soon as possible, weather and staff allowing.