The pool will be open daily noon-7pm, weather and lifeguard schedule permitting. The Pool is available to all HLA members in good standing and their guests only.

Pool Season: Pool will be open through weekend before Dee-Mack goes back to school (subject to availability of lifeguards and weather).

Pool Hours: 12 noon until 7:00 p.m. (unless attendance dictates early closure or due to lack of a lifeguard). The pool will not open if the air temperature does not reach 70 degrees by noon. The pool will not open during inclement weather. The pool will close during electrical storms.

Check HLA’s Facebook page or the HLA website homepage for cancellations.

Entrance to Pool: Everyone entering the pool area who is 4 years or older must pay a daily fee or be listed on a season pass. All Heritage Lake Association fees must be paid current and have a vehicle sticker in order to use the pool.


Daily Fees: 4 years or older – $3.00 for Heritage Lake members and their guests

(Free daily fee admission to Heritage Lake members’ children up to and including age 3 when accompanied by paying parent or adult.)


All Season Passes can be purchased in the office and cannot be purchased at the pool.  Season passes will be verified by the office, and non-members or those not in good standing will have their pool pass revoked.  No one under 16 years of age may purchase a Season Pool Pass.

Only HLA members, in good standing, may purchase season pool passes.  If a member is found not in good-standing after purchasing a Season Pass, the Season Pass will be canceled and the $75 will be applied to member’s outstanding balance.  If purchaser is not a member of Heritage Lake, the $75 will be considered a trespassing fee.

HLA Family Season Pool Pass:  $75.00 per immediate family (residing in same household) up to five (5) family members. Each additional immediate family member is $3.00 including a babysitter. Babysitters can only use the pool pass when attending with the family, even if they are a member.

HLA Couple Season Pool Pass:  $50 per couple

HLA Single Season Pass:  $25

HLA Senior Season Pool Pass:  $15 each (60 years and over)

HLA Individual Daily Pool Pass:  $3.00 each (4 years and older)

2019 Pool Pass Registration Form



Children are not to use the pool without a lifeguard in attendance.  Anyone using the pool does so at their own risk.

No glass, food, drinks or smoking allowed in pool area.

Food, drink and smoking allowed in designated areas only.

No running in the pool area.

Boats, toys, balls, etc. are not permitted in the pool. Arm wings and life vests will be allowed in the shallow end ONLY. Children wearing life vests or arm wings are not allowed on the diving board. No goggles allowed on the diving board.

For health reasons, persons with sores or open cuts are not allowed to use the pool.

Regular bathing suits must be worn (cut-offs, Bermudas, etc. are not allowed).

The diving board is for diving/jumping only (do not play on or around the diving board).

Any child left in pool unattended must meet height requirement of four (4) foot.  Additionally, the child must be able to swim the width of the pool and back to be allowed to be left in the pool without a responsible adult present (no floaties acceptable for this “test”).  It is recommended that children under age 12 have adult supervision other than the lifeguard.

Any person unable to swim the width of the pool and back must remain in the shallow end.  Arm wings and life vests will be allowed in the shallow end.  If the child (unable to swim) cannot keep their head above the water when standing in the shallow end, a responsible adult must always enter the water with the child.  Children age 6 and under must have adult supervision at all times.

Repeated violations of pool rules or vandalism to the pool or lodge areas will result in suspension from the pool (length to be determined by the pool manager and HLA Board Representative).



Pool Rental: The Pool can be rented before or after normal operating hours by HLA members only. Hours available for renting are 7-9 p.m.

Rental Rates:

$100 for two hours with one lifeguard.

$150 if two lifeguards are needed (at the discretion of the Pool Manager)

$50 refundable damage/security deposit.



Registration available in Late June or Early July

Each session consists of 8, 30-minute small group lessons.

Group size will vary from 2-4 depending on age & experience.

You will be notified by phone of your child’s lesson time as soon as possible

Lessons that are canceled due to weather will be rescheduled by the instructor.

Lessons will only be rescheduled due to weather-related cancellations.

It is important that students follow the instructor’s safety guidelines.  Please reinforce this with your child, if necessary.

Cost: $30 for group lessons.

Lessons run Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks.  Late morning and evening times are available.

Swim Lesson Registration form will be added soon.

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