Reports of dogs and cats running loose in the Association.

There have been reports of dogs and cats running loose in the Association. Please see the following regarding Animals at HLA.
HLA Rules & Regulations
Section I(C). Animals (rev. 5-21-2019)
  1. All Household Pets must always be on a leash; unless on private property and confined by a fence or electric collar, or within the grounds of the dog park. No Household Pet is permitted to run at large within the Subdivision.
  2. Backyard chickens are permitted at Heritage Lake for HLA members in Good Standing and in accordance with the following: a. A one-time $25 registration fee; b. An annual registration/notice of chickens with the HLA office; and c. Maintain full compliance with the Tazewell County Code i. Title 7, Article 25 (c).
  3. No animal, except Household Pets and Backyard Chickens, shall be kept or maintained within the HLA Subdivision.
  4. Any complaints and/or violations must be reported to the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Department. Any animal control issues should be made to Tazewell County Animal Control at: (309) 925-3370

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