Status as of April 24, 2017

As a part of the road improvement project approved at the 2016 membership meeting, several streets within the subdivision will be seal coated in 2017 and seal coated or rebuilt in 2018 according to the engineering plan released in March 2017.  One of the most critical and poorly maintained parts of Heritage Lake’s road infrastructure are the road drainage systems.  When water sits on or runs down the road surface, it will eventually erode the road surface; and in freeze thaw conditions can cause sub-surface deterioration leading to pot holes.  Lack of drainage can also saturate the base of the road causing further deterioration.


Road drainage will be addressed in two ways:

  1. By adding crown to reconstructed roads, and filling in low spots on re-surfaced roads. Due to the significant cost of reconstructing roads, some re-surfaced roads will lack crown after they’re finished.
  2. Road side ditches, cross road culverts, and driveway culverts will be repaired or replaced if needed.


Ditch Repair Summary

Ditches and culverts are integral parts of road drainage, their purpose is to take water off the road and send it either outside of the subdivision or into the lake via natural ravines.  Work will mainly focus on re-establishing ditches where they have been filled in by erosion over time or by the lot owner.  In other spots, ditches will be constructed where they were not formally established when the roads were first constructed.  Ditch size and depth will be established depending upon the drainage requirements.  Generally speaking, they will be within 7 feet of the road edge.


Cross Road Culvert Summary

Obstructed cross road culverts will be cleaned re-enforced and repaired accordingly.  Some might be lined depending upon condition.  Some new culverts might be added along with ditch repair to re-direct water in spots where drainage challenges exist.


Driveway Culvert Summary

According to the Heritage Lake rules and regulations, lot owners must keep their driveway culverts free and clear of debris (example: leaves, dirt, etc).  They must also replace culverts if they’re collapsed or damaged to the point that they obstruct water flow.  If Heritage Lake is repairing ditches and finds an undersized, damaged, missing, or inadequate (ex. Single wall culvert) driveway culvert, it will be replaced and Heritage Lake will invoice the lot owner for the cost of purchasing the culvert.  If the driveway culvert is in good shape, it will likely be left in place unless it needs to be re-positioned to allow for better drainage.  If the driveway culvert goes under an asphalt or concrete driveway, the driveway will be cut at the lot owner’s expense to install the culvert and Heritage Lake will back fill with rock.  It is the lot owners responsibility to replace any driveway section removed to install the culvert.


Applicable Excerpts from Heritage Lake CCE&Rs:

Section 4, Paragraph G

Ditches and Swales Shall Not Be Obstructed: It shall be the duty of every

owner of every lot in the Development on which any part of an open storm

drainage ditch or swale is situated to keep such portion thereof as may be

situated upon his lot continuously unobstructed and in good repair, and to

provide for the installation of such culverts upon said lot as may be reasonably

required to accomplish the purposes of this sub-section. And, all lot owners,

where required shall install dry culverts between the road rights-of-way and

their lots in conformity with specifications and recommendations of the

Environmental Control Committee as hereinafter described. No driveway

pavement or blacktop shall extend beyond lot line into common road right-of

way without the approval of the Environmental Control Committee.


Section 6, Paragraph C

Heritage Lake Association, for itself, its successors, assigns and licensees,

reserves a thirty (30) foot wide easement along all road rights-of-way for the

purpose of cutting and filling and drainage. Heritage Lake Association further

reserves unto itself, its successors and assigns and licensees, the right to

cause or permit drainage of surface water over and/or through said lots and

further, it reserves an easement on, over and under all road rights-of-way for

the purpose of installing, maintaining and operating utilities or drainage, and

such additional easements for drainage as may be shown on the recorded plat.


2017 Road and Drainage Repair Plans – Part 1

Starting in approximately late June or July 2017, ditches and cross road culverts on the streets listed below will be re-established, along with repair, replacement, and/or installation of cross road culverts and driveway culverts.  Other roads will receive drainage work in 2017, further communications will be sent out as plans for part 2 are finalized.  If driveway culverts require cleaning or replacement, the lot owner will receive a letter from Heritage Lake outlining the details and/or quoted cost of the culvert.

  • Stratford Dr. – minor, erosion control around existing culverts.
  • Essex Dr. – major, ditch reconstruction, erosion controls, additional drainage structures
  • Canterbury Rd. – major, erosion controls, additional drainage structures, some ditch excavation
  • Sherry St. – major, some spots need deeper ditches, some ditches don’t exist
  • Raleigh Ave. – minor, some parking areas along the sides of the road will be addressed,
  • Brandy Dr. – minor, erosion control around existing culverts. More drainage work is scheduled for Brandy later in 2017, details to be announced later.


Sometime between July and early September 2017, the following roads will receive limited repairs and seal coat work per the engineering plan.  As bids are accepted, and the work is scheduled, final construction dates will be published on the Heritage Lake website, along with notices sent via mail to the residents in the area.  During this time, please DO NOT park any vehicles, trailers, etc, along the road side.  Also, please use caution in the areas where construction is taking place.

  • Brandy Dr.
  • Roxbury Rd. (north)
  • Sherry St.
  • Stratford St.
  • Summit Dr.
  • Canterbury Rd.
  • Essex Ave. (south)
  • Raleigh Ave.
  • Westminster Dr. (west portion)
  • Heritage Dr. (un-sealed section between Thornton Dr. and part way between Norfolk Ave. and Strawberry Ln.)


Additional Notes:

  • Do not fill in the ditches on your lot. If lot owners intentionally fill in ditches after this work, including but not limited to installing a culvert and filling in the ditch without approval from Heritage Lake, they will be charged for Heritage Lake’s cost of re-establishing the ditch.
  • For the remainder of the reconstruction project, the board has chosen to fund the excavation cost of replacing driveway culverts, with the lot owner picking up the cost of the culvert and any additional cutting costs involved with concrete or asphalt driveways over the culvert location. This is only true in areas where ditch reconstruction is scheduled because ensuring proper placement of the driveway culvert according to the revised slope and depth of the ditch is critical for proper drainage.  In areas where ditch depth and slope is sufficient, not requiring any ditch reconstruction, replacement of driveway culverts will be the responsibility of the lot owner.
  • Heritage Lake will abide by recommendations from the engineering firm hired to design and oversee road construction.
  • Approx culvert cost per foot ranges depends heavily upon the required diameter, but an approximate range is from: $10 to $30 per foot of culvert length