Volunteer Days

Volunteer Days are give members a chance to be part of the team that shapes living in Heritage Lake.  Volunteer Days are a great way to meet your neighbors and save the Association in clean up and maintenance costs. Please consider joining the group the third Saturday of every month (weather permitting) to help make Heritage Lake everything you dream it can be!

There are lots of spring clean up projects that need to happen to bring Heritage Lake to a Summer Ready state!  No skill set is too small, no time is too short.

Regular volunteer days are on Saturday mornings, but if you have time during the week, please let the office know.  Additional Volunteer days will be scheduled during weekday daytime hours if the volunteers are available.

Suggestions for projects can be e-mailed to office@heritagelakeassociation.com

Next Volunteer Day:

Projects for next Volunteer Day:
Spring Clean-up!  Please meet at the Maintenance Shed at 8 am.