To all Heritage Lake Members.

 We are a Private Homeowners Association and we do have rules.  They can be found on the Heritage Lake Website.  By-Laws, CCE&R’s, Rules and Regulation Documents

Some, but certainly not all, the rules that we find get overlooked are the requirements to submit a permit for approval. Forms link: Forms & Applications from Heritage Lake (HLA) before, but not limited to:

Putting up fences
Cutting down trees
Building docks
New driveways
Additions and other structures that would be put on the lot. 

When you submit the permit to HLA it is extremely helpful, in the approval process, to be as detailed as possible as to the materials, location on the lot and dimensions (diagrams help) or in the case of tree removal the number and size and the reason for removal.  Depending on the scope of the permit process, we require that you give the Environmental Control Committee (ECC) ample time to review for approval and if necessary, come out to the site.   Until you receive an approved permit signed off by the ECC no work can begin.  These permits do not remove your responsibility to also secure the necessary permits from Tazewell County.

I encourage everyone to review the rules so that we can maintain the Heritage Lake neighborhood in the pristine condition that benefits everyone.

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