1-16-19 – Snow Removal Update

1-16-19 – Snow Removal Update

All primary roads are generally clear.  All secondary roads were cleared within the last 24 hours, dependent upon sun exposure, temperature, and salt temperature.  Some of the roads may have areas that are covered with snow.

Until the next storm, the plowing crew is finished. The next storm tonight and Friday into Saturday, according to forecast, the snow crews will be out treating, and plowing roads as needed.

In a storm, as the one we received last Saturday, it typically takes several trips with the plow and several applications of salt to remove the snow down to the road surface.

During the time when salt is applied, it is usually applied and allowed to soak in for several hours which causes the snow to turn slushy.  Once the snow is slushy, it is then removed shortly after.

We understand that some streets had slush on them for hours at a time. The remaining slush is due to the amount of time that the salt needs to be on the surface and the amount of time the plow crews have to plow the road.

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