Annual Meeting 2017: Why should I come?

Many members ask, why should I come to the Annual Meeting?  The short answer is that the Annual Meeting is the best opportunity the members have to initiate change in the Association.

At the annual meeting, the following items may be on the agenda:

  • Financial update from the Accountant
  • Legal update from the Lawyer
  • Summary of activities from each of the committees that serve the association (Conservation, Environmental Control, Finance, Road, and Social)
  • Announcement of election results (elections are done by mail in ballot)
  • New Business from the floor

For most members, it is this last item that is of the most interest.  The Annual Member Meeting is an opportunity for members to make motions from the floor for changes they would like to see within the Association.  These motions can include item such as a change to the annual assessments, revisions to the Association’s Bylaws or Rules and Regulations, and many others.  There is no way to know with 100 percent certainty what issues will be raised during New Business, and the only way to be a part of the vote is to be in attendance.

For those members who are unable to attend the annual meeting, they may vote by proxy.  The board solicits for proxies in the mailing that goes to all eligible members.  Proxies that are granted to the board are voted according to the majority vote of the board.  Proxies can also be granted to another member in good standing to vote for you.  Finally proxies can be submitted as abstained, meaning you vote present, but neither for nor against a motion.  Abstain votes allow the annual meeting to proceed with a quorum, but do not count toward the total vote count on a motion.

If you have additional questions about the importance of the annual meeting, or how you can get involved and be heard, please contact th eoffice at or 309-359-8012

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