2017 Annual Member Meeting – What you need to know

The 2017 Annual Member Meeting was held last Saturday, March 18th.  If you missed the meeting, here are a few important things you need to know.

  • The Environmental Control Committee reminded members to check if a HLA permit is required when making improvements to your property (adding a deck, cutting down trees, replacing a driveway, etc.) Most HLA permits do not require a fee, but review by the ECC and a permit is still required.  Requirements and fees can be found on the Environmental Control Committee (ECC) page.
  • Quorum was met (166 or more lots represented or abstained)
    • Lots represented in the room: 105
    • Lots represented by proxy to another member: 8
    • Lots represented by proxy to the board: 96
    • Lots abstained: 48
    • Total lots voting: 206, 48 Abstentions
  • Presentations were made by both the Lawyer, Brian Moody, and representatives from Austin Engineering regarding the status of the SSA.
  • The Road and Finance Committees requested the membership approve a $500 Road fund for 2017 in order to facilitate additional road work before the finalization of the SSA in late summer 2017.
  • The increased road fund for 2017 passed.  The majority of the lots represented in the room were voted for the motion, and the board voted the proxies with the room.
  • A PDF of the presentations made by the Lawyer, Austin Engineering, Road Committee, and Finance Committee is available on the Board Meetings Page.
  • An updated SSA construction map and the full SSA engineering plan is available on the March 20, 2017 Road Improvement Update.

Full minutes from the meeting will be available online and at the office later in April.  Printed copies of the reports mentioned above can also be obtained from the office.

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