2016 Annual Meeting: What you need to know

If you were unable to attend the 2016 Annual Member meeting, here’s a brief summary of what you need to know from that meeting.  Official minutes will be posted later this week.

  • The following committees are looking for more volunteers
    • Conservation Committee
    • Social Committee
  • The Environmental Control Committee reminded members to check if a HLA permit is required when making improvements to your property (adding a deck, cutting down trees, replacing a driveway, etc.) Most HLA permits do not require a fee, but review by the ECC and a permit is still required.
  • Quorum was met (174 or more lots represented or abstained)
    • Lots represented in the room: 155
    • Lots represented by proxy to another member: 28
    • Lots represented by proxy to the board: 89
    • Lots abstained: 50
    • Total lots voting: 272
  • After a presentation by the Road Improvement Committee, the following motion was made:

    The Heritage Lake Association Board of Directors (HLA BOD) and its assigns shall negotiate terms of agreement with Tazewell County to create a Special Service Area (SSA) for the purpose of restoring and maintaining the roadways at HLA.

    – The terms shall include professionally designed restoration and maintenance plans acceptable to the county for a 20-year road life.

    – If the cost of the plan is within $650/year (+/- 10%) per HLA member for a period of 20 years, then HLA BOD shall enter into a contract with Tazewell County and request the creation and funding of the SSA.

    The Reserve Road Fund Assessment shall remain in effect at $500 through 2016. If the County Tax billing cycle begins levying the SSA Tax to Heritage Lake Association members, the Reserve Road Fund will go to $0. If the SSA is disapproved, the Reserve Road Fund will return to $123.58 (adjusted for the CPI). Budget priority for the Reserve Road Fund shall be given to fund costs associated with creation of the SSA as well as maintenance deemed necessary to preserve road integrity before SSA funding and emergency repairs of the roads.

  • The room voted overwhelmingly in favor of the motion with only 34 lots voted against.
  • The board voted the proxies in favor of the motion.
  • The motion passed.
  • What this means for members is the following.
    • The 2016 Road fund will be billed at $500 by Heritage Lake Association. The 2016 Road Fund Assessment will be due July 1st, but bills will be sent out in mid April to give members time to budget the expense. Information on available payment plans will also be included in that billing.
    • During the course of the year, the board and a newly named SSA Implementation Committee will work with the county to pursue the adoption of the SSA.
    • If the SSA is not in place by the time of the 2017 road fund billing, the 2017 road fund will be $123.58 (adjusted for inflation) unless the membership takes action at the 2017 Annual meeting to change that.
    • If the SSA is in place by the 2017 Road Fund billing, the SSA fees will begin with the tax bills due in 2017, and the 2017 HLA Road Fund Assessment will be $0.
    • SSA billing on tax bills will continue at $650 (+/- 10%) per year, per member (not per lot), for 20 years.

Please direct any questions regarding this information to the Heritage Lake Association office at 309-359-8012 or hlaoffice@frontier.com

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