Parking Considerations during Snow Removal

With the winter storm we are expecting in the area Saturday and Sunday, the plowing crew is requesting that all members limit street parking as much as possible.  Cars parked on the street, especially in the cul-de-sacs, make it extremely difficult for the plow trucks to get down and clear the snow.  Streets that have too many cars parked on the street may not be able to be plowed at all.  Please park in your driveway if at all possible until after the snow has stopped and the roads are cleared.

The Heritage Lake plow team appreciates your cooperation.

Beginning Yoga Class Available for Members

Beginning Tuesday February 3rd for 4 weeks, a Beginners Yoga class will be offered for members of Heritage Lake Association.  Join us at 6 pm in the lodge to learn beginner relaxation techniques and basic positions.  Come in comfortable workout clothes and bring a yoga mat.

The cost for this class will only be to pay the instructor, and will vary from $20-$32 per person depending on the number of people who commit to the 4 week class.  Money will be collected at the first session.

Please contact Gary Patton (309-369-5354) with questions or for more information.

Reminder: weight limits in effect

As a reminder, the HLA rules and regulations state: 

1. No vehicle, trailer, or cargo may be driven upon any Subdivision roads exceeding a weight limit of 6 tons (12,000 lbs.) from the period of January 1 through April 15. Unless given proper permission by the Subdivision Board.

2. A minimum fine of $500.00 (five hundred dollars) will be levied for road weight limit violations. All fees and costs associated with collection of fines will be applied against the property of the Heritage Lake Association member responsible for contracting the overweight vehicle.

These rules are important especially during the freeze thaw cycles to protect our roads from major damage. For questions, please contact the board.

Also, a form for pothole repair requests is available at HLA office or here