New Adult Swim hours scheduled

Due to member requests, the pool has added new Adult Only hours.

On a trial basis, the Pool will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-8pm for adults (18 and over) only.  This will begin July 2nd, and continue as long as demand dictates.  The diving board will be closed during these hours to allow for lap swimming.

2015 Swimming Lesson Registration Open Today

Registration for the 2015 Swim Lesson season begins today at the pool.  Small Group Swim lessons will be Monday through Thursday July 6th through 16th and morning and evening times are available.  This year, private lessons may be available (based on guard availability).  Please inquire at the pool.

Lessons are available to members only, and will cost $30 for the group sessions and $60 for the private lessons.

More information can be found at the pool or on the Pool page of the website.

Next Board Meeting Tuesday June 16th

Join us at the lodge 7pm Tuesday June 16th for the next board meeting.  The agenda is available on the Board Meetings page.

All members are welcome to attend a board meeting.  There is a portion of the meeting reserved for member questions and comments to the board, and a sign in sheet will be available at the meeting.  Questions specific to committee reports can be asked at the time the report is given.  The board requests that members please reserve their questions and comments that do not pertain directly to the reports to the Open Floor to Members portion of the meeting.  This will help facilitate getting through the reports in a timely manner and allow us to get to the member portion of the meeting quicker.