Help Keep Heritage Lake Clean and Safe!

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start to the summer, Heritage Lake Association would like to share with members the following tips to help keep Heritage Lake and the beach area clean and safe.

On the Lake

  • Bring a garbage bag with you on your boat.  There is a trash can at the boat launch you can drop it in or your way out.  If that can is full, boat garbage can be dropped at the beach parking lot dumpster.
  • If you have smokers on your boat, bring an ashtray.  Once of the biggest sources of contamination in our lake is cigarette and cigar butts.
  • If anything falls of your boat into the water retrieve it as soon as possible.
  • Rinse off your boat at home before you set in at the boat launch.
  • Be considerate of other boaters
    • Park close together in the launch parking lot whenever possible.
    • Tie off to the side of the launch while you retrieve your trailer if you are alone, not right in the launch.
    • Be patient of those who are still learning to launch or load their boats, and offer assistance if you can.
  • The Lake is not a bathroom, please use the facilities at the beach.

At the Beach

  • Pick up after yourself, your family, and your pets.
  • If the pavilion garbage cans are full, use the beach parking lot dumpster.
  • The playground is designed for younger children.  Please ask your older children to be considerate of the younger ones.
  • No glass on the sand areas of the beaches.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult when swmming in the lake, no lifeguard is on duty.

Heritage Lake is for Association Members and their guests only.  If you see a boater or beach goer you don’t recognise, politely start a conversation.  You may make a new friend with a neighbor, or you may find someone who doesn’t know they must be a guest to use our amenities.  If you have concerns about someone who is not a member taking advantage of the member amenities, please collect as much identifying information as you can and contact the office.

Have a GREAT Memorial Day!

2016 Pool Season begins Saturday!

The 2016 pool season officially begins Saturday May 28th (weather permitting).

The pool is available to members and their guests only.  Pool admission is $4 per member or guest over the age of 3.  Family Pool passes will be available at the pool and are $75 for a family of up to 5 people living under the same roof or a babysitter.  Additional family members can be added for $4 per person.  Babysitters can only use the pool pas when attending with the family, even if they are also a member.  Membership will be verified by the office, and non-members or those not in good standing will have their pool pass revoked.

Watch the website and our Facebook page for updates if the weather is questionable.  The pool will not open if the outdoor temperature does not exceed 70 degrees by noon or if there is inclement weather.

Please see the Pool page of the website for additional information on hours, swim lessons, and pool rules.

Thank you Mackinaw UMC!

Heritage Lake Association would like to extend a hearty thank you to  Mackinaw United Methodist Church.  A team of 8 volunteers from the Big Reach Project came to Heritage Lake and spent the morning fixing up some of the picnic tables at the Beach Pavilion.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

picnic gr picnic Jeremypicnic Jeremy


Is your group or organization interested in volunteer opportunities at HLA?  Please contact the office.

Reminder to Residents: Vehicle stickers required

As a reminder to members in good standing, please get your 2016 vehicle stickers placed on your vehicle if you will have that vehicle on association property (beach, boat launch, pool, etc.).  Starting Friday, May 27th, tickets will be given to vehicles that do not show a sticker.

As always, members in good standing may contest tickets received by their guests by bringing the issue for review by the board.

In an effort to save on mailing costs, stickers are no longer automatically mailed to members.  If you have not yet gotten your sticker, please contact the office to make arrangements to get your sticker(s).

Reminder: Board Meeting Tonight

The next board meeting will be Tonight, May 23rd, 7 pm at the Lodge.  The agenda is available on the Board Meetings page.

All members are welcome to attend a board meeting. There is a portion of the meeting reserved for member questions and comments to the board, and a sign in sheet will be available at the meeting. Questions specific to committee reports can be asked at the time the report is given. The board requests that members please reserve their questions and comments that do not pertain directly to the reports to the Open Floor to Members portion of the meeting. This will help facilitate getting through the reports in a timely manner and allow us to get to the member portion of the meeting quicker.