Board Meeting-Monday Feb 27th

The next HLA board meeting will be held on Monday, February 27th at the Lodge at 7:00 PM; all members are encouraged to attend.

There is a portion of the meeting reserved for member questions and comments to the Board; a sign-in sheet is available at the meeting.  Questions specific to committee reports may be asked at the time the report is given.  All other questions/comments are to be held until the Open Floor portion of the meeting.  This will facilitate getting through the reports in a timely manner and allow us to get to the member portion of the meeting quicker.

The agenda will be made available closer to the actual meeting.

Snow plowing update 2/8 12:15pm

Snow plowing will begin around 12:30 pm Wednesday February 8th, and will continue until all roads are cleared.  All roads should be passable by the time the school buses come through, but may not be completely cleared until early evening.

Please use caution as you are out and about this evening.