Ballots and Proxies for Annual Meeting

As the Annual Meeting date approaches, here are some reminders about submitting proxies and ballots.

Ballots and proxies may both be returned to the office in the postage paid envelope that was contained in your annual meeting mailing.

Please verify that the information at the top of your proxy is correct.  The list of lots at the top right should include all lots you retain voting rights for.  If this list is incorrect, please contact the office as soon as possible.  Also contact the office if your mailing address is incorrect.  If you will be unable to attend the annual meeting in person, signing and returning the proxy allows your vote to be cast in one of two ways, either according to the majority vote of the board of directors or as an abstention (neither yea or nay for a motion).  One of the two boxes must be checked, the member name must be legibly printed, and the form signed and dated in order to be valid.  Proxies may be withdrawn at any time up until the adjournment of the annual meeting.ProxyHeader Proxies are NOT used for the election of Board Members.

Each members should have received one blue ballot for each lot listed on the proxy.  If you received a different numbers of ballots, please contact the office as soon as possible.  Ballots for the election to fill the two vacant Board positions can be returned to the office at any time or brought to the annual meeting by 8:45 am.  Ballots received after 8:45 am on March 21st will not be counted.  Members are encouraged to return their ballots early to expedite the counting process during the meeting.

Ballots must be returned in the ballot envelope and the envelope must have lots numbers and the members signature on the outside.  Please use the Unit and Lot Numbers listed on your proxy to fill out the envelope.  Envelopes received without a signature, or with more ballots than lots listed will be invalid.  Ballots are kept secret until the envelopes are discarded.  Only the number of ballots contained in the envelope is verified.

Some of the ballots contained a misprint in one spot indicating to vote for three candidates.  There are only two open positions for the board.  Ballots with three votes with be considered invalid.


If you have any additional questions regarding the Annual Meeting, please contact the office or

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